With online credit card approval you usually receive notice of the application either being approved or refused within minutes of submitting it. On some occasions more time may be asked to process the application but it's usually a comparatively quick turnaround time and we'll let you know why in a minute. In order to get online credit card approval the applicant must display excellent to excellent credit. If you feel that your credit rating is not up to par then perhaps you might want to look at some other offers that not require such high credit rankings. And credit scores and credit ratings would be the main factors that approvals are based on. There are not a whole large amount of cards available that offer instant authorization, or nearly instant approval, as the situation may be. But having said which, they most definitely are out presently there. It's just a matter of finding them and because of the Internet, that's a relatively easy thing to complete. An instant approval credit card are available by visiting any one of the most reputable comparison websites. A quick Internet search should lead you right to where you have to be and then it's just a matter of dealing with the various offers to see which ones be practical. Because you are applying online you might also need the option to rather quickly and easily apply for several offer. So for instance if one issuer declines your application you have the choice to go ahead and apply with regard to another offer. A word of extreme caution though... don't overdo it because applying for too many cards previously can affect your credit rating adversely. If you are about to obtain a loan for say an automobile or a mortgage then you might want to hold off applying for a charge card until after you've submitted that documents. The reason for this is that it can appear that you're struggling financially if suddenly you begin applying for many different cards simultaneously. With that said, applying for a couple of cards certainly isn't going to harm. Online credit card approval is actually done with a computer. That's how it happens therefore fast. It basically analyzes your credit rating by crosschecking with your social protection number, address and phone number. That's what they base their decisions on and how they could give a decision so quickly.

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