Bank of America credit cards have grown to be synonymous with travel rewards. When Bank of America merged with MBNA a couple of years ago it instantly became one from the dominant players in the credit greeting card industry. By joining with MBNA, Bank of America has become the defacto leader in travel rewards charge cards. In addition to a wide number of travel rewards programs, there are also several cash return rebate deals and student credit greeting card offers. Let us take a consider the features offered through Bank of America cards to determine how they may, or may not really, suit your financial needs. 1. Balance Transfers - Most Bank associated with America cards offer 0% APR on balance transfers for any period of 6 - 12 several weeks. If you happen to carry a monthly balance in your current cards, you may want to consider benefiting from a balance transfer offer to cut costs on interest payments. They also permit you to pay off more of the principle using the money
you would have otherwise of been shelling out for interest. 2. 0% APR on Purchases - Being an incentive to attract new customers, most credit card issuers offer 0% interest on all brand new purchases for periods of 6 -- 12 months. Bank of America cards feature these introductory offers too. These types of deals can be good for the consumer who is planning on creating a sizable purchase and would like some time to repay it in fill. 3. Rewards Programs - If you travel often then you definitely will definitely want to check out the various travel rewards programs offered through B of the. There are many cards that are partnered with specific airlines and gives bonus miles for that carrier. Other rewards programs include cash return, merchandise, dining, hotels and more. Take your to time review the terms of each offer to locate one that may benefit you. 4. Fraud and Theft Protection - It's a rather unfortunate fact that new systems often breed new opportunities for crooks. Cre
dit card fraud has become the billion dollar business worldwide. In order to safeguard yourself, always choose a credit greeting card that covers you with 100% safety against theft, fraud and unauthorized make use of, regardless of the bank or charge card issuer. 5. Annual Fees - Annual fees have become a little bit of an afterthought when people review and compare charge cards. There is virtually no escaping stability transfer fees. They usually run from around 3%, but are capped from $150. Annual fees, however, are another story. You will find that most travel reward charge cards have annual fees. Be sure to compare them and decide when the rewards warrant you paying those costs. As with all credit greeting card offers, the terms and conditions of the financial institution of America credit cards that you are looking at should be studied carefully to determine if that offer is a great financial fit for you and your own consumer needs. The best way to find the right card fo
r you is to do a alongside comparison of the benefits and features of each card you are looking at. Then, upon gathering all the details, you will be prepared to make an application for the card of your choice.

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